Committee Guidelines

The Foundation will not consider proposals that request funding for repayment of debt/old bills for started projects or for completed projects.
The grantee must be a municipality, a religious organization, and/or have a current 501(c)(3) status recognized by the IRS.

Youth Committee

Accepts proposals up to $2,000 for projects that benefit the children and youth of Delaware County.

Dollars for Scholars Committee

Accepts proposals from Delaware County chapters of the National Dollars for Scholars Association.

Scholarship Committee

Accepts proposals from Colleges and Universities that provide Scholarships to Delaware County students.

Under $5,000 Grants Committee

Accepts proposals up to $5,000 that meet the following conditions:
the project must exclusively benefit Delaware County,
recipients cannot reapply for a period of three years for the same project, and
there is a required $1.00 for $1.00 match on all proposals.

Full Board Committee

Accepts proposals over $5,000. The project must be located within the program area or show direct benefit for Delaware County residents, if outside the program area. There is a preference for the organization to also be within the program area. Additionally, there is a preference for proposals to be under $100,000, though larger proposals are accepted. As always, the Foundation’s main focus is Delaware County.