Grant Application Instructions

The REQUIRED application form is available in both MS Word and PDF formats:

In addition to the above application form, church organizations are required to submit a letter certifying their qualification for nonprofit status under the IRS code.

Certification Letter

  1. Please condense the information about your proposal so that it fits within the space allowed on the application form. You may submit additional information as an addendum to the proposal, but it is essential that all pertinent information be included on the application form within the space provided.
  2. Before the Board of Directors can consider any application, proof of Federal Charitable Tax Exempt Status [section 501 (c)(3) Internal Revenue Code, or other appropriate section], or proof that the applicant is a bona fide unit of Government must be on file in the Foundation’s office.
  3. It is the policy of the O’Connor Foundation to generally restrict our geographic area of program to proposals that have direct impact on the quality of life in Delaware and the 7 contiguously surrounding counties in rural upstate New York (Broome, Chenango, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster).
  4. Proposals in amounts not exceeding $5,000 will be considered on a monthly basis (deadline is the first of each month) upon the following conditions:
    • The organization must be located in Delaware County, or directly benefit Delaware County
    • A recipient of a grant cannot reapply for a period of three years for the same project
    • There shall be a required $1.00 for $1.00 match on all such grants – if the proposal is approved, match shall be “new money” raised after the date of the approval letter.
  5. It is preferred, but not required, to have sketches or drawings submitted on legal size or smaller paper.
  6. As a general rule, this Foundation will not make grants for meeting annual operating expenditures, or retiring existing debts and prefers to make grants of a non-recurring nature.
  7. In almost all cases, a site visit will be arranged after the full application has been filed.
  8. Applications should be directed to:

    Amy O. Warner
    Executive Director
    A. Lindsay & Olive B. O’Connor Foundation
    109 Sherwood Road
    Delhi, NY 13753

    Or emailed to:

–  The O’Connor Foundation scans all proposals.
–  81/2 x 11 paper is preferred.
–  Please use only one side of the page.
–  Do not staple or bind grant proposals.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call
–  (607) 538-9248
–  Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.